International freight forwarder is a party, which arrange and manage dispatch, shipping and transportation between Producer or shipper and receiver (seller and buyer).

As such Freight forwarder is handling commercial cargoes between different parties and carriers And represents both contract parties without being cargo owner.

Freight forwarder can Issue Documents covering sea, air, river or land freight for cargo handled by it's facilities for a part or all the voyage that the consignment may go through, and basis these documents could be considered as a transport documents and not an ownership Documents.

Freight forwarder is considered as a Carrier or shipping agent in front of Customs authorities.

The Evolution of the Freight Forwarder Role


As a result of the developments taking place in the global trading and the opening of new markets in Remote markets, and the Emerging of the Door to Door services, Containerization and Logistics, It became Clear that Shipping Line or Air Line can't offer such Integrated Services other than the Sea or Air Freight rendered by Shipping or Air line, and the Modern and Easy Communication between Seller and Buyer, A new need was emerged.

All above Factors make it critical to have an agent to organize the Integrated commercial Process from the point of receiving goods from the supplier premises to the point of loading by sea or air and then proceeding with customs clearance moving goods to it's final destination.

This process requires the presence of professional companies that have a wide network of Agents.

To manage the integrated transportation services in the most economical and time saving way.

Freight Forwarder Services


Door to Door Service which is Arranging receiving shipments from suppliers until the delivery to receivers including Shipping documents handling.
Thus shipper or consignee is dealing with one party only which provides the complete chain of operations and documentation.

Providing the multi-modal transport services (Sea-Air-Land-River-Rail) ,a service that Shipping Line or Air line can't Provide easily.

Consolidation and groupage of small shipments inside Containers or Pallets for air freight and then the delivery of these shipments to receivers in the final delivery ports or airports.

Providing transit cargo service and reshipment cargo by air, or sea to it's final destination.

Providing Exhibitions and projects shipments services and arranging customs formalities for these shipments and their delivery to the exhibition or project site.