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  A & W Logistics
  A 1 Logistics
  A F G Global For Trade
  A. M. Cargo for World Transportation
  A.S.A Navigation
  ABC Cargo Service
  Abedos Maritime
  Ability Freight
  Abo Mady
  Abou Simbel and Thebes Shipping Agencies Co.
  Afifi Air Cargo
  Afifi World Transport
  Africa Logistics Corp Egypt
  AFS Misr
  AGF Logistics
  Agility Egypt For Shipping & Freight
  AIM Logistics International
  Air Ocean Line Co.
  Al Anwar Cargo Systems
  Al Badr Group
  Al Baraka Freight
  Al Emad Transport
  Al Hoda For Cargo & Clearance Co.
  Al Tawheed Company For Freight Services
  Al Tayyar