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  I.B.A. Freight Services
  ICM Group for Investments Service
  IJS Global - Egypt
  In & Out for Clearance and International Transportation
  In Touch Group For shipping Services
  Inernational Logistics Partners Egypt
  Infinity International Cargo
  Int. Clearance & Transport
  Integrated Freight Services
  Integrated Freight Solutions
  Integrated Solution Co. (ISCO EGYPT) For Trading, Trans And Marine Services
  Inter Freight For Freight
  Interlog International Logistics
  intermove Egypt Co.
  International Cargo Service ( I.C.S)
  International Clearance Office
  International Co. For Marine & Export ( Multi Export )
  International Company For TransWorld Services (INCOTRANS)
  International Freight & Exhibition
  International Freight Group (I. F.G)
  International Multi Modal Transport (Rafimar)
  International Shipping & Transport Company
  International Shipping Company (ISC)
  International Shipping Consultant & Commerce (SADAT MARINE)
  International Shipping Enterprise S.A.E