Membership Requirements

Documents of insurance regarding the responsibility of forwarders (transporters) and receivers.

Documents of activity volume.

Certificate of insurance of the company and the employees

A list of banks dealing with the company and a signature form of the person in charge.

Photocopy of the Civil ID card of the responsible manager

Photocopy of the registered company contract, the establishment contract and the company's Bulletin.

Photocopy of the tax card clearly depicting the international transport activity.

Photocopy of the commercial record clearly depicting the international transport activity.

Official substitute of the commercial record

Original copies of the experience certificate that is referred to in term #3 of the main system's regulations.

Any other documents the company wishes to present supporting its request of membership

Required Documents for EIFFA Membership

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Download Membership Terms in Arabic

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Download Membership Application

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Download FIATA Application Form

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Name Change of FIATA Member

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Download Convenant of Honer

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Download Foreign Companies Declaration

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Download New Companies Declaration

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Download Directions to arrange a company file for Eiffa membership

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